African Drumming Instructional Pack


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A lifetime resource for any drummer, teacher and performer!

Learn West African rhythms, broken down into their separate parts in simple tab format for you to learn step-by-step.


Rhythm Bible (25 rhythms)
Crank it Up (Double CD)
Get on Down (Single CD)

Whether you’re student of the djembe wanting to enhance your understanding or an educator looking for an informative and road-ready resource this guide will help you appreciate the music on a much deeper level.

  • Tabs of all rhythms on Crank it Up and Get on Down CDs, in their complete arrangements
  • An additional bonus 9 rhythms not yet available on CD
  • Easy to read format designed for those who don’t read sheet music
  • Rhythms in 4/4 and 12/8 signatures
  • Independence exercises
  • Cultural information
  • Song lyrics and rhythm arrangement tips

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