Unleash the potential of your group with African Drumming.
Great for the mind and the body.


Looking for something that will engage and connect people? This is it! We can deliver a session that suits the aims and needs of your group. We offer drumming, dancing and singing as standard, though we can easily adapt to suit your specifications. All of our facilitators are  unique performers, each experienced in working with people from a range of backgrounds.


The value of group drumming as a transformative and healing activity has been widely researched and endorsed by health professionals. Studies have demonstrated the calming, focusing and healing effects of drumming for Alzheimer’s patients, autistic children, emotionally unsettled teens, recovering addicts and trauma patients. This research reinforces what we’ve seen in our own experience: it simply just makes people feel good! Programmes are undoubtedly the best way to maximise these benefits.

Learn to Facilitate

Interested in learning how you could become an African Drumming facilitator? Running your own percussion programme would be a great way to inspire participation in an original, hands-on activity.

Read about our Teacher Training Course.

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