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Below you’ll find our most popular formats for team building workshops. All of our formats can be customised to your vision, aims and themes.
Tackling departmental integration and looking for team harmony? We’ll use exercises that depend on collaboration and interdependence. Your mandate is our priority and we’ll adapt the message and activities to be relevant to your philosophy and goals.

The Invigorator

This high energy, fun-filled session is designed to blast away fatigue and leave your team buzzing. We’ll have them re-energised with a snappy session that’ll lift the energy of any event. A great cure for ‘death-by-powerpoint’ or ‘post-lunch seminar-blues.

15 to 25 minutes.

Smiling, refreshed and re-energised participants who are ready to tackle what’s next.

When to Use
To kick start a conference, after lunch, and mid-seminar.

The Unifier

This session is focused on developing rapport and cooperation. We get people collaborating on musical tasks that illustrate and test their abilities to work harmoniously and effectively with one another. Participants get connected and get to experience teamwork in a whole new way.

40 to 60 minutes.

Team bonding, enhanced cooperation, improved teamwork & leadership.

When to Use
Mid-conference, staff appreciation days.

The Synergiser

This complete package is designed to fully develop and define team-building metaphors inherent in drumming. Teams are given different musical responsibilities, underlining the different roles in business structure. Experience the synergy when compositions are brought together.

90 to 120 minutes.

Increased self-esteem, team bonding, improved teamwork, leadership, and productivity.

When to Use
First meetings, conferences, staff appreciation days.

The Wow Factor

The icing on the cake, this energised performance makes any event memorable! Add a high impact drum and dance spectacular before, during or after your event as a stand out highlight that will leave the crowd wow-ed. Available as an add-on to your workshop and as a stand-alone event.


5 to 30 minutes.

An energised atmosphere that captures their attention and injects excitement.

When to Use
Openings, closings, parties, launches, celebrations.

On-site logistics

With years of experience running workshops for teams as small as five or companies as large as five hundred, we can run workshops for practically any sized group. With a large team of seasoned African and NZ facilitators around the country, we can create the ideal session to realise your vision. We bring drums, shakers and other percussive instruments for everyone; the only things you need to arrange are the participants and their chairs.

Room Layouts

Where possible, the horseshoe layout is ideal. Most layouts are workable, from lecture halls to restaurants. Chairs are needed for participants for our drumming sessions. If chairs are not available, we can design a session for a different layout – let us know in advance.


The venue is up to you! We’ll come to your office anywhere in New Zealand. If you are looking for a venue, let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

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