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I’ve never drummed before – can I do the Course?
Yes! Level 1 will teach you the basic drumming and facilitation skills needed to run sessions. You will want to dedicate time to developing your own skills to make facilitation easier and we provide resources and materials to help you do just that. The learning curve is very gentle for djembe and a passion for rhythm will get you a long way!

Can I really go straight from the Course to teaching African Drumming?
Yes. For drumming, you’ll be provided with starter rhythms (including mp3s and notation), exercises, musical games and basic playing skills. For resources, you’ll have the Workshop Template, Rhythmic Flow chart and a Starter Pack of games and icebreakers. And to bring it all together, we teach you how to teach with strong facilitation skills.

What kind of drums do you use?
The foundational tool of the trade is the djembe – an easy to learn, versatile hand drum from West Africa. We use much more than just the djembe though, with a focus on all of the essential instruments of an ensemble. Each Level unpacks the potential of the ensemble at a deeper level.

Is it only drumming?
No! We bring and deliver an ensemble mentality. We use djembes, dunun, shakers, bells, balafon and body percussion, teaching you how to establish interesting musical soundscapes that can be as simple or complex as you desire.

Can I check out what your Facilitators are doing with their students?
You sure can – see the videos on our Results page.

Who attends the Course?
Approximately 70% of our Facilitators are school teachers and 30% are independent facilitators who either run their own community groups or drumming companies.

I’ve done the DrumBeat Programme – which Level should I attend?
We recommend attending Levels 1 and 2 together. DB is a great programme though quite different to ours. We establish foundational content and themes in Level 1 that are unique and specialised to our Course that you won’t have encountered before. Level 1 introduces key themes, tools and resources, priming you for the more advancing content of Level 2 perfectly. In Level 2 we develop the course fundamentals, introduce some new ones, and focus more on you as a player and facilitator. It’s the best way to maximise your learning, geting you confident and road-ready for delivering your own sessions, and developing you as a facilitator.

Will there be instruments for sale?
Yes – we offer discounts on the drums and instruments we use in our Course.


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