Yes, we can reskin your drum!
When that fateful day comes and your drum goes ‘pop’ it can be a bit of a shock. Sometimes it happens silently in the night, other times it goes out with a bang. Don’t despair – it happens to every drum eventually. See it as an opportunity to get a beautiful new skin, maybe try a different sound and get a new colour rope if you fancy. On average we’ll have your drum back in action in 7 days .  Here’s all you need to know.

12″-14″ Head Diameter
$195 = Standard goat skin off and on
10″-11″ Head Diameter
$180 = Standard goat skin off and on

** Please note we are not offering new rope or crack repairs right now.

What kind of skins do we use?
We use premium goat hide, or cow (yearling) if requested (see more below). We stock a variety of quality hides in a range of colours and thicknesses. Let us know if you have a preferred thickness.

The sound and the Finish
Let us know what kind of sound you’re looking for so that we can find the perfect skin for you. Alternatively, have our drum maker to balance the skin to the drum.

Drum Maker’s Choice– We choose the best skin for the shell.
– Thin-Medium. Easier to find sounds, easier on the hands.
All-Rounder – Medium skin, balanced to the shell for good all round range.
Soloist – Thin or Thin-Medium for volume and clear high ends.
Thick – Favoured by experienced players with tough hands and well developed technique. Offers rich, deep tonal ranges.

Cow/ Yearling Skins for Djembe: 
If you prefer the warm unique pop of cow on your drum, just say the word – we have some awesome thinner yearling (young cow) and cow perfect for djembe.
These skins are a little harder on the hands than goat but are preferred by more and more professional djembe players these days.
Extra $25 for 10-11” Drums
Extra $35 for 12-14” drums

Our reskins are covered under our 5 month graduated warranty, so you can be confident that we stand behind our craftsmanship.