Drum Warranty

The African Drumming Warranty

All of our African hand drums are covered under our 5 Month Graduated Warranty – this includes all djembes, dunun and kpanlogo.

Every skin has its day and will eventually break or pop.  The life-span of each skin is unique; some last for 8 months, others 4 years. If a skin is going to go prematurely (usually owing to a skin imperfection that is not readily detectable) it will happen in the first 5 months. With this in mind, we provide a warranty on all of our drums, excluding pre-loved, to protect you as a customer.

If skin breakage occurs within:

0-1 MONTHS: 100% Repair Coverage + African Drumming pays return post
1-2 MONTHS: 75% Repair Coverage + Customer pays all post
2-5 MONTHS: 50% Repair Coverage + Customer pays all post


Quick Tips

Keep your drum away from harsh, humid conditions, direct sunlight and places without ventilation, such as the boot of a car. Don’t tune too much too soon.



All of our drum shells are covered under warranty for life on all Series. Under normal-use conditions your djembe should last you forever! This includes drums which have been repaired – you can trust their structural integrity. If you notice any change in the timber of the shell, please contact us.

Drum Maintenance

We want you to get the most out of your drum, so all drums come with a Tuning & Care Guide. Your drum comes tuned and ready to play. Beware of tuning too much too soon – this is the most common cause of premature breakage. Each skin has a natural elasticity which is developed through playing in – you’ll get the best sound and life-span out of your skin with proper care, tuning and patience.

What Isn’t Covered

What is not covered under warranty? Breakage caused by irresponsible use or accidental damage caused by the customer (like an axe through the hide or dropping from height).

We reserve the right of discretion when assessing the condition of returned drums.


Skins for drum making

We always take extra care in choosing skins that are free from faults and will go the distance on your drum.
Please understand however that as a natural product from the wild, we can never pick up 100% of the inherent defects as they can be invisible to the naked eye.

Tips for storing/ working with skins

  • Store them in a dry well-ventilated place that is not too hot or cold.
  • Make sure they are free from bugs / rodents etc
  • Don’t soak them for too long (more than 5 hours) as this can weaken the skin
  • Don’t soak them in hot water

Skins purchased from African Drumming

If you are not happy with any of your skins please let us know straight away. If they are  assessed as faulty by our team, your skin will be covered under warranty

What constitutes a faulty skin?
A skin that has inherent faults

What does not constitute a faulty skin?
It includes:
Skins that have broken as a result of drum making ie have broken due to over-soaking, over-stretching or cranking, cuts from blades or metal welds or rings
Skins that have developed faults whilst in your possession (inadequate storage, insect/ animal damage)

Warranty terms

Firstly we need to assess the fault so please send us pictures of the issue and describe when and how the issue occurred.
If your skin is assessed as inherently faulty by our team, we will send you out a new skin.

Please note, for skins mounted on drums that break, it may be impossible to determine the reason for the fault (ie an inherent fault or part of the  drum making process)
In such cases we may offer 50% off a replacement skin purchase (Customer will pay for the postage)
For XL skins, if the skin has proven to be faulty AD will replace with one disc of the same type of skin for up to a 15” drum


The African Drumming Guarantee

Drumming is our passion. We value the drums we craft and the customers who buy them – it’s what our business is centred around.

Beyond our warranty, we’re only happy when you’re happy. If there is anything amiss with your drum then we are only a call or an email away.
We can always make it right!