Get On Down (CD)


Renowned educator Simon Fraser’s debut Instructional Album (2004) presents seven traditional West African rhythms for players of all levels.
Explore the intricacies of each rhythm as Simon Fraser expertly guides you through all their parts, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.
Whether you’re just starting your percussion journey or looking to elevate your skills to the next level, this album has something to offer for everyone.
It includes a play-along metronome with slow and fast tempos to enhance your learning experience.

Also a part of the AD Instructional Pack

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Simon Fraser’s first Instructional CD (2004)

  • Learn seven traditional West African rhythms with all their parts
  • Features backing metronome
  • Suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced players

Track Listing

1. Woolabah
2. Hotcus
3. Kpalago
4. Oge
5. Tagbolo
6. Mwaga
7. Bete


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