A lot of thought and consideration goes into choosing the right djembe.

It can be tough to know what to look for when you’re buying online, especially if it’s your first drum. We’re here to make the process a lot easier.

Our djembes are listed with as much information as possible, from general timber and hide descriptions to specific qualities unique to each drum. Most of our African drums, including our top end Master Series djembes, all have their own audio files so you can hear them play. Here you’ll find resources and guides to help you choose the right djembe.

Having trouble deciding between an Indonesian or Ghana djembe? We created our Ghana vs Indo Guide to help you make a decision.

All of our djembes are covered under our 5 month graduated warranty.


Your First Djembe Guide

We love connecting people with the drum of their dreams. This guide is an excerpt from our Student Handbook aimed at covering all of the basics a first time buyer should consider.

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Height guide

If you are 155cm – 163cm tall, you’ll need a 59cm -61cm tall djembe
If you are 164cm – 175cm tall, you’ll need a 61cm -63cm tall djembe
If you are 176cm – 185cm tall, you’ll need a 63cm -66cm tall djembe
If you are 186cm or taller, you’ll need a djembe of 67cm height or taller

*This is a guide, please consider that other factors may be relevant, such as what chair you are siting on while playing.
For example, if you sit on a tall chair then you probably need a taller drum.

Buying for Kids & Teenagers

Here’s a quick guide to selecting an age-appropriate djembe. Keep in mind that young drummers grow fast, so consider getting a drum they can grow into and still enjoy in years to come.

2yrs – 6yrs: Recommended: The Mini Djembe
4 yrs -12 yrs: Recommended: The Junior Djembe – see our Kids Starter Pack
10 yrs +: Recommended: The All Rounder or a 10″ Ghana Series
12 yrs +: Recommended: The Classic or a shorter drum from the Ghana Series – see our Teen Smasher Pack
14 yrs +: Recommended: The Super Series or a drum from the Ghana Series – see our Afro Starter Pack


African Drumming’s Guinean Djembes
The AD Indo Djembe Range

About Our Djembes

Each year we travel to West Africa in search of amazing djembes. Over the past decade we’ve been fostering relationships with the master carvers of Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Guinea. We’re also established in Bali where we develop affordable, quality drums that form our Indo Range.

All of our timbers are non-endangered and where possible come from sustainably sourced plantations. We skin the shells locally with carefully selected hides using quality tensile rope with low stretch ratings.

All of our drums are covered by Our 5 month warranty.

We stand by our reputation for world class drums!