Primo Series Canvas Drum Bags


Our Primo Series canvas bags offer tough, water resistant protection for your drum.
Made from hard-wearing nylon canvas and available in two sizes.

Water resistant || Reinforced canvas || Twin pockets || Adjustable padded shoulder straps

XXL – Suitable for 12.5-13.5″ drums
Internal diameter at top of bag: 35cms | of the base: 27cms
Internal height of bag: 66cms

XXXL – Suitable for 13.5- 15″ drums
Internal diameter at top of bag: 38cms | of the base: 30cms
Internal height of bag: 68cms

Check out these Primo Series in action below >>

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More Details

Although our bags boast robust construction, they truly thrive when handled with a touch of care. Some djembes can be quite heavy, exerting significant pressure on your new bag. To ensure you enjoy the longest possible use from your bag, we’ve compiled some useful tips:

  • When moving the bag over short distances, utilize the central carry handle for optimal support.
  • If you’re using the shoulder straps, always lift and carry the bag using both straps simultaneously. This distributes the weight evenly and reduces strain on the bag’s structure.

We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high quality for your listening pleasure!


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