Ghana Cloth Drum Bags


Imported from Ghana, these vibrant padded cloth bags are both durable and visually striking. Each bag showcases the unique colors and patterns that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Ghana.

Comes in four different sizes.

Learn about our full range of budget bags in the video below.

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Key Features:

Reinforced sewn straps: The bag’s straps are meticulously stitched to provide extra strength and durability, ensuring secure and reliable transportation.
Padded lid: The bag features a padded lid that adds an extra layer of protection for your valuable instruments, keeping them safe during storage or travel.
Draw-string closure: The convenient draw-string closure allows for easy opening and closing of the bag, providing quick access to your items while keeping them securely enclosed.
Experience the beauty and functionality of these authentic Ghanaian cloth bags, designed to preserve and transport your instruments in style.

How to care for our Ghana Cloth Drum Bags

While our bags are designed to be durable, they will benefit from proper use.
Please make sure you use both straps to carry your drum in the bag and avoid swinging the bag over your shoulder.

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