Djembe Solo Tip No 1.

By 17/09/2013Blog

For many budding djembefola, soloing in public can be the most confronting part of the musical journey… but when we tap into our creativity, learn a few helpful tips and feel relaxed, it can also be the most rewarding & exhilarating

Here’s a quick tip to help you on your way. SPACE. Think of your djembe phrasing as a language. When we talk we need to breathe and let our sentences resonate with our audience. Let your solo breathe – less is more. One of the easiest options is to say too much, too fast and too soon with your drum language… build your story from a humble but interesting place and layer your phrases gradually. Let the rest of the rhythm rumble underneath your phrasing and listen to the cycle of the dunun as it repeats itself over and over

As an exercise try playing just a few notes in a cycle and then wait for the cycle to repeat itself before playing again. This will allow the music to breath and will help you listen to & feel the cycle of the rhythm. From here you can add more and more and gradually build up the energy…. Repeating your ideas is a great way to reinforce your musical message too, but that is another whole topic (See Djembe Siolo Tip No 2)

Hope this helps Djembefola

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