Yearling Discs for Djembe


Perfect for Djembe, our Yearling discs come in your choice of size and thickness. Not tanned or processed with chemicals . Come with hair on
Yearlings are young (5-9month old) cows. Their hides are thinner than standard cow hides (but thicker than Calf which are around 3 months old cow) and are perfect for djembe.
They are comparable to goat in terms of thickness.

Suitable for: Djembe, Shaman drums, conga, bongo and bougarabou. Please see our Cow Discs for dunun.

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Yearling discs in your choice of two sizes. Discs come with hair on. Yearling is an adolescent cow – their hides are thinner than standard cow hides and are perfect for djembe.
Generally speaking, cow skins are thicker than goat and have a warmer quality to them. As this type of skin is thicker, it is recommended for more experienced drummers – it can be hard on the hands for new players.

Suitable for: Djembe, conga, dunun, and bougarabou.