West African Music 101 – eBook

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The West African Music 101 Offers a treasure trove of insights and educational resources all about West African Music, and in particular the Mandinke heritage which gave birth to the now Internationally loved djembe.

This 101 guide is your introduction to the world of West African Music. Learn about the history, the drums, and the ensemble.

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Who is it for?

We think everyone should have a copy! At least, anyone who loves djembe and dunun music, who is after an educational resource for the classroom or evening drumming classes or any student wishing to know more about the drums, culture and context of the music that has touched their life.

What’s in it?

Loads of useful information about the culture in which djembe music lives and breaths; tips and tricks for honing your technique, tuning your drum and putting an ensemble together; meet the rest of the West African instrument family including uses and country of origin. See the other images for more tasters on what’s between the covers.

Awesome, I want one, how do I get it?

Choose how many copies you want, hit add to cart, then when you’re done shopping hit the checkout and voila! From there you’ll receive an email that looks like the one below and in there you’ll find the download link (file size: 11mb):


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