Talking Drum : Primo


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Our Primo Series Talking drum includes a quality roping system and sanded mahogany shell with thin goat skin head.
Modelled on the traditional Nigerian Hausa talking drum but with superior materials.

Comes complete with shoulder strap and wooden striker.

Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H):  22cm x 22cm x 41cm.

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A talking drum is a traditional West African percussion instrument with a distinctive hourglass shape. It is called a “talking drum” because it is known for its ability to imitate the tonal patterns of human speech. The name varies across different African cultures; for example, it is known as “dondo” in Akan, “dundun” in Yoruba, and “tama” in Wolof.

The talking drum is typically made from a carved wooden shell with two drumheads (membranes) made of animal skin or synthetic materials, such as plastic. The drumheads are held in place by a series of ropes or cords that run from the top to the bottom of the drum. These cords can be tightened or loosened to change the tension of the drumheads, altering the pitch of the drum.

To play the talking drum, the musician holds it under their arm and squeezes the drum between their arm and body to change the tension on the cords. By doing so, they can produce different pitches, allowing them to mimic the tonal patterns and rhythms of spoken words. Skilled players can create complex and melodic patterns, effectively “talking” through the drum.

Talking drums are used in various traditional African ceremonies, cultural events, and musical performances. They have also been incorporated into modern African and world music, adding a unique and expressive element to musical compositions. Due to their distinctive sound and cultural significance, talking drums have gained popularity beyond Africa and are now appreciated by musicians and enthusiasts worldwide.