Primo Series Roving Strap


Often the simplest solution is the best, and so it holds for djembe straps. This is the way they sling on a djembe in Africa.
Ideal for standing and roving play, our roving strap offers a simple and convenient solution.
Just tie it on, adjust it to your desired height, and enjoy playing with ease!
These straps are extra wide for maximum support and comfort.
One size fits most – simply adjust where you tie the supporting knot – Wrap around the drum, sling over your shoulders and you’re ready for a roving performance.

See how to use this product in the video below >>

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For decades, the art of roving has held a significant place in African drumming culture. Originating from street ceremonies and ballet orchestras, roving drummers have engaged with dancers, creating a vibrant synergy. When strapped on, there’s a liberating sense of movement that allows for a unique connection with the audience, an experience that cannot be replicated while seated. The freedom of mobility while roving enhances the drumming performance, making it an unforgettable and interactive experience for both the drummers and the spectators.


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