Master Series 14.5″ Ivory Coast Djembe – Leonardo


So many amazing features this drum.
Lets start with the SOUND! Blistering solo pitch but on a XL 14.5″ head …quite a combo indeed.
The cow skin has that dry pop to the tones which are soooo nice.
The Lion motif carvings are a signature from one of our Master Carvers – immaculate chisel work!

Country: Ivory Coast  //  Wood: Iroko  //  Diameter: 14.5″
Height: 65cm  //  Weight: 9.2kg  //  Skin: Medium Yearling (cow)

See this djembe in action! Video below>>

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More Details

About the Shell
This Master Series Djembe was hand carved from Iroko timber. Iroko (Milicia regia) is a lighter-weight golden hardwood which produces more portable drums. Usually carved in Burkina Faso or Ivory Coast in a style emphasising crisp tones and slaps.

About the Hide
Yearling skins are a great middle ground between cow and goat. Offering a little bit of warmth and a bit of bite too in the top end, these young cow skins are fast becoming super popular with djembefola. We take care to find the best hide for the shell to maximise its dynamic range.

Comes complete with an AD Drum Care and Tuning Guide to help you get the most play out of your drum.



We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high quality for your listening pleasure!


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