13″ Ghana Djembe – Oompa


Minimalist natural carve design with striking purple rope.
Thinner skin for easy to find slaps and powerful solos.
Great bass notes too

Country:  Ghana  //  Wood:  Twenaboa  //  Diameter:  13″
Height: 64cm  //  Weight: 7kg  //  Skin: Medium thin Goat

Watch this drum in action below >>

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More Details

About the Shell
This Ghana Series djembe was carved from African Twenaboa. Twenaboa is a medium density timber, lighter than hardwoods. Super portable, great bass and range.

About the Hide
Medium skins are well balanced with warm tones and bright slaps. They are versatile and suit just about any drum. We take care to find the best hide for the shell to maximise its dynamic range.

Comes complete with an AD Drum Care and Tuning Guide to help you get the most play out of your drum.

Any questions? Get in touch! We can give you advice on how to best look after your drum.