You make all the big decisions about who you want your drum to look and sound and we will put our experience and love into building you your ultimate “dream drum”


1. Choose your shell!

Select your drum shell for life from our huge collection of authentic African shells.
We have medium and hardwood shells from all over West Africa including Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast & Ghana

Skin selection: VERY important in terms of the sound the drum will end up having.

We have several Skin options including goat, calf and cow from Australia, West Africa and Indo.

You may choose one of three skin finishes -Clean, overlap and hair on overlap

  • Shell preparation is important for the look of the drum (and also the comfort of playing)
  • We have some fantastic sanding gear and can take extra time to sand back your shell, bringing out the natural grain in the timber and preparing it for oiling.
  • We will always sand the bearing edge (playing edge) too, making sure your hands have the ultimate in comfort curves to play on.

2. Oiling your shell

It is important to cure & protect the timber. We use the very best Danish oils and organic shea butter from Ghana.

3. Choosing your finish

You can choose what kind of finish you’d like on the exterior of the drum. Glossy or matt

4. Selecting the fabrics

Choosing the fabric that we wrap the rings with – we have a HUGE selection of colourful African fabrics.

5. Choose your rope colour 

Choose from over 12 colour varieties of solid or mixed tones

6. Your Handle

A nice little bonus feature is a practical woven handle. Can match your rope colours!


From here, we take over and get to work on building your drum.
It usually takes 5-7 days.

Rate? Contact us for a customised quote.