Student Resources

Our Mission is to connect people with West African music and teach them how to play in a supported environment.



Each class location has it’s own facebook group where students and teachers post material, videos and otherwise chat about goings on. It’s the best place for you to post any recording from class so that everyone knows what to practice! We here at HQ occasionally post information about upcoming workshops, retreats and specials too. When you come to class, ask your teacher to invite you to the group.


Learning Resources

The African Drumming Instructional Pack

A booklet and 3 CD set which breaks down rhythms set-by-step so that you can learn full arrangements. The Pack boasts a lifetimes worth of material. Now in it’s second edition, the Pack has been expanded and reformatted. The rhythms covered here are popular in our School of Djembe, so it’s a great way to pick up some rhythms which are in common circulation.


Student Handbook – International Edition

So, you’re sitting behind your djembe. You’ve completed a class and you loved it. Where do you go from here? That’s where the Student Handbook comes in. We’ve created the Handbook to bridge a few gaps and give you a guide to the fundamentals. Available here…

Includes info on

  • What a Djembe is
  • Finding Your Sounds & Technique Guidance
  • Classes & Tribalism
  • Community Connections
  • Retreats, Camps & Tours

How to tune you Djembe