Ghana Series Djembe – Hot Fuzz


An excellent all-rounder. Crank it up to hear it scream!

Country:  Ghana  //  Wood:  Twenaboa
Diameter:  12.75″  //  Height: 62cm
Weight: 7.3kg  //  Skin: Thin Mali Goat

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About the Timber: Twenaboa is a medium density timber, lighter than hardwoods. These shells tend to have great bass ranges and offer great portability.

About the Hide: Thinner skins are responsive, sound higher and brighter, and are easier on the hands for new players. They also have higher volume so are well-suited to solo drums. Medium skins are well balanced with warm tones and bright slaps. They are versatile and suit just about any drum. We take care to find the best hide for the shell to maximise its dynamic range.

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Comes complete with an AD Drum Care and Tuning Guide to help you get the most play out of your drum.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 37 × 37 cm